terça-feira, 5 de agosto de 2008

Pouco antes de começarem os jogos olímpicos da vergonha

Divulgado há pouco pelo P.E.N. Clube Português.

Acabámos de receber esta informação do PEN Internacional, assinada pelo Secretário-Geral e pelo responsável pelo Comité dos Escritores na Prisão.
P.E.N. Clube Português

5 August 2008
Dear Friends,
Three days before the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing on 8 August 2008, International PEN, the world association of writers, notes that:
- there are 44 writers and journalists currently held in Chinese prisons;
- dissident writers and journalists not in prison face serious restrictions on their movements and on their ability to speak and publish freely;
- Internet censorship and other laws such as subversion and inciting separatism or "splittism" are regularly used to deny the universally-guaranteed right to freedom of expression;
The Olympic ideal speaks of ‘equality of sports which are international and democratic’.
The goal of the Olympic movement is to ‘contribute to the building of a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport, practiced without discrimination of any kind, in a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.’
International PEN therefore asks:
How do arrests of writers and censorship tally with democracy?
How can suppression of reporting promote equality and peace?
Fair play and censorship are not compatible, nor does the repression of writers promote the building of a peaceful and better world.
International PEN urges the Chinese government to affirm its commitment to promoting the spirit of the Olympic ideal by:
- releasing all writers and journalists currently imprisoned and stop detaining, harassing, and censoring writers and journalists in China;
- end Internet censorship, and reform laws used to imprison writers and journalists and suppress freedom of expression;
- abide by its pledge that "there will be no restrictions on media reporting and movement of journalists up to and including the Olympic Games."
Eugene Schoulgin, International Secretary, on behalf of the Board of International PEN
Karin Clark, International PEN Writers in Prison Committee

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nossa essa floresta é mesmo muito linda,fique mesmo curiosa para sabe como é essa floresta gostaria de conhecer obrigado por te colocado essa imagem da floresta olympic me amarwi nessa floresta